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April 2018

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Gricidea Province

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Creatures of Gricidea

The enemies and natives you may find in the Gricidea Province.
315Special Beings o...
Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:13 am
Aliyah Rozalyn View latest post

Kingdom of Raizen

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Fountains of Crystal Will

Four fountains, one set at the foot of Raizen Castle, one set at the Northern Gate, one set at the Southern Gate, and one set at the Western Gate. These fountains flow with crystal clear water said to be able to revive and heal anyone. They are the respawn points for those in Raizen.
920Back to the beat...
Sat Sep 05, 2015 2:27 pm
Alejandra Albatross View latest post
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Gricidea Seed Square

A town square like area in the city with a giant seed in the middle. The enormous crystal like seed has been unmovable since Raizen was built and many believe it to be a Gricidea Seed. Many shops of all kinds encircle the seed, so come here for daily to check what's new.
534Alchemy Quest......
Sun Aug 30, 2015 5:23 pm
Dark Savior View latest post
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Raizen's Cloister of Trials

At face value, it looks like a Colosseum. On the inside however, you will find different battlefields in many shapes and sizes. At the farthest part of the first floor, a cavern sits, leading into the earth and beneath the Gricidea Tree. Come here to train, have PvP battles, or take on challenges within the Cloister.
9101Naoki's Tutorial...
Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:28 am
Naoki Aoi View latest post
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Crystal Seed Guildhall

Overlooking the Gricidea Seed Square is a large building with large crystal sculptures of Raizen's mighty. It is the main guild hall of Raizen, where those who are looking to make or join a guild can come. A quest board is here for those looking for General Quest non-specific to any one guild.
742Time to play
Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:57 pm
Mortem View latest post

Gricidea Plains

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Silvergrass Plateau

A large and open area just outside of the Western Gate of Raizen. This expansive field is home to various monsters and treasures. The silvery grass along most of the field is said to hold magical properties. Heading North, South, and West will lead to very different places, so adventure carefully.
9214Rebel 1: Let's R...
Wed Sep 16, 2015 2:06 am
Mortem View latest post
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(West) Ezri Village

Heading west from the Silvergrass Plateau will put you in the small traders village of Ezri. For such a small place, it is always bustling with travelers. Heal up and stock up on items before continuing your Journey. (North to Orange Clay Field, East to Silvergrass Plateau, South to Saria's Lake, and West to Path of Broken Bonds.)
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(North) Orange Clay Field

Hot and humid, this rocky area carves through clay rock cliffs and pine needle ferns, seeming stuck in the orange clay ground. The few rivers and ponds in the area are tinted orange due to the sediment and all types of creatures have built their homes inside of clay caves along the way. The Ruins of Ezri are along this route that leads to the Helios Desert.
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Orange Basin Village

After traversing the Orange Clay Field's, one will find themselves in the bustling village of Orange Basin. Seated right along a fresh water river, the village spans horizontal to the road, seeming more like one long road instead of an actual village. A small Adventurers Guild is located here so come take quest if you'd like. Across the river farther North lies the dangerous and uncanny caverns of 'The In-Between'.
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(South) Saria's Lake

A forested area with a giant lake in the middle. A stone bridge goes over the lake, and at the center, branches off into a ring. In the middle of that ring, a geyser shoots high into the sky and an orb of water flows infinitely suspended in air. Shining in both the sun and moonlight, no one knows what lies within the water orb. Continuing South will lead to Saria City and eventually the Axelux Jungle.
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Saria City

A small city founded by the beautiful and powerful Princess Saria. The city is one of many neutral places that houses anyone whom is looking for a peaceful respite. Many rivers and canals flow through the porcelain like city, so come enjoy the sights, or head to the Saria Crystal Fountain to register a new respawn point.

Helios Desert

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The In-Between

The gauntlet for all new players itching to shred their newbie skin. This land is brutal, punishing and filled with rather strong monsters. Those who show great strength, skill and determination will find a paradise on the other side.
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Arvintis of Sol City

A dual leveled city with two large disc sitting above the ground. On ground level, the city is like a desert town of the middle east. On the first disc, safe from the harsh rays of the sun sits an oasis like city with aristocrats and those who enjoy the lavish life.
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(West) Cavern of Lost Will

West of Sol City lies a dark cavern with powerful monsters and lost souls. There is nothing beyond this cavern and one could only fathom why anyone would come here. This place is said to drain the sheer essence of a person away, leaving absolute nothing within their soul.
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(North) Dunes of the Giants

North of Sol City lies even more remnants of an ancient race, this time with homes with doors as big as the gates of Raizen. Because of this, any and every creature could be hiding along this path. Be careful.
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(F.North) The Tomb Of Anubis

At the far end of the Dunes of the Giants sits a large cavern with two giant statues of a jackal headed man out front. Outside of the cavern, hundreds of people have set up their caravans like a small town. No one has dared to explore the deeper reaches of The Tomb of Anubis.
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(East) Ruins of Solatone

East of Sol City, within the expanse of the dry desert lies the remnants of an ancient city. With buildings spanning high into the sky and pathways of steel, this city shows even greater technological advance than many of the cities today. What tragedy befell this great kingdom?
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(F.East) Helios Sandsea

Farther East of the Ruins of Solatone lies the enormous and dangerous Helios Sandsea. Giant dunes, dark pits and crags cover the expanse of this desert. If the heat doesn't kill you, everything else will give its best shot.
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Helios Oasis

After traversing the Sandsea you find yourself in a tropical oasis town. Travelers here prepare themselves for the journey Northward, as many lose heart to return from whence they came. You can set a new respawn point here.
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Dunes of Desperado

North of the Helios Oasis. Giant sand dune and sand cliffs make traversing this part of the Helios desert simpler, yet even more dangerous creatures make their homes here. Many hidden caverns and underground passages can be found here.
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The Sacred Helios Temple

A giant temple at the base of the mountains and at the farthest Northern Point in the Helios desert. Only recently discovered, many people that have set foot inside have never been seen again. What lies within the wall of this forgotten Temple?

Axelux Jungles

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Gricidea Hollow

A giant tree, yet only a fraction of the size of the Gricidea and Eullyand trees. The inside has been hollowed out by monsters and people alike. It is one of the few known ways to get to the Axelux Jungle.
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Hollow Root City

A city at the base of the Gricidea Hollow. It is a much more cheerful place than Raizen with its carefree inhabitants from all over Lux Eterna. Festivals are held here often. You may set a new respawn point here.
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Whisperwood Crossing

A lightly forested area of the jungle just south of Hollow Root City. There is a large clearing leading in four directions with the statue of a Sealed Titan. The Titan is sealed by the magic of whisperwood, but some say the magic is starting to fade...
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(East) Black Jungle

A dangerous jungle shrouded from daylight by both the Gricidea Hollow and Gricidea Tree. As well, a powerful spell has twisted the trees into odd shapes and pathways. Anything can be hidden within the shadows.
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Spirit's Haven

An extraordinary and magical City of Fae built within the treetops just outside the Black Jungle. These rare creatures are just like everyone else. You may set a new respawn point here.
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