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 The Story of Lux Eterna and More

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The Story of Lux Eterna and More Empty
PostSubject: The Story of Lux Eterna and More   The Story of Lux Eterna and More EmptyTue Nov 26, 2013 11:33 pm

The Story

LEO is a new and highly anticipated VR game that is about to be released for beta in Elestia City. With word that this game may be the greatest and most revolutionary thing to happen to the entire world, people have been clamoring to get their hands on it.

Lux Eterna is a magical world filled to the brim with adventure, mystery, and challenges of all sorts. With the colorful NPC's as well as Users, it's as if having a second life all together.

However, no one knows who the actual developer of the game is. With many events and actions within the game that seem far ahead of its time, many other development companies have been trying to get their hands on the information. Some even going as far as attempting to hack themselves into the game, causing problems for players everywhere.

LEO Opening Animation

In the world of Lux Eterna stands two mighty trees, towering far into the sky and digging deep within the planet, their roots so expansive to create entire forests on their own. This two opposing wonders were created by one word...Will. That simple yet powerful word was born from the end of an age, the end of the Gods. Sick of the way the Gods looked down upon them, Man of all races drew power from that simple word and rebelled. As war sparked and continued, The Gods found Man to be on the losing side the minute they even tried... How wrong they were.

Man proved to be indomitable. They had whole cities burned, flooded, destroyed. Crippling diseases released upon their entire populations, and more death than any could ever comprehend. However, even with their physical bodies broken and damaged, they had something the Gods had never foreseen in their creations; Will. The God could crush a person's body, but their spirit remained strong. Time and time again, Man continued to take up arms against the Gods, finally pushing them to their limits.

Even with all of their power, the Gods couldn't halt the eventual swarm of undying Will. This strange energy, born in every creature of Lux Eterna, human and beastkin alike, gave them a power that allowed them to accomplish great feats, as long as they held the determination to pull themselves from the ashes. And pull themselves up they did, for eventually, the gods had fallen. The leader of the Gods, Eos, died and become the Eullyand Tree, and for the creatures of Lux Eterna who defeated him when their deaths came, their will and physical bodies became the, Gricidea Tree. These beings had ushered in the Dawn of Peace, and now protect the wills and ideals of Man, to ensure they'll have a secure future in a world without Gods or Masters...

For ages, the humans thrived under both the Eullyand Tree and Gricidea Tree. They were the remainders of what had been accomplished by sheer will. At least, they were supposed to be...

Decades have passed since the Dawn of Peace began and in that time many cities and villages have been born in Lux Eterna. With it, so has several empires under the Gricidea Tree and Eullyand Tree. To have some form of balance, people created governments and hierarchy's to govern the realm in peace. But just like any form of authority, at some point, it always becomes corrupt...

The outside world-

Elestia City is a large and friendly city, seated on a man made island. The outer edges of the island are lush with forest life, yet those who spend their time inland sometimes forget that they are indeed on an island. There are plenty of things to do outside of LEO in the real world, and you can even meet other potential LEO players that could help you on your journey or give you advice. It never hurts to explore the city and give yourself some fresh air from the game time.

The in-game world-

Lux Eterna is a massive world, with plenty of places to go and see, as well as secrets to discover. Mostly free roam, you are allowed to go and do what you want for the most part, however, there are many places that warn those of lower levels from venturing too far. Regardless, you can interact with any and everybody, and the AI is top notch, responding to you as if being controlled by an actual player. With all sorts of magical creatures and places, Lux Eterna will always have something new to throw its players.
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The Story of Lux Eterna and More
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