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 What is this "LEO"?

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Adam Wukong

Adam Wukong

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What is this "LEO"? Empty
PostSubject: What is this "LEO"?   What is this "LEO"? EmptyThu Nov 28, 2013 3:43 am

*Adam Inaki had finally arrived home after a rather chill day of work. The kittens had put in work as usual and he was damn glad that they were attracting customers. Business was looking good, everyone was leading with happy moods and Adam was invited to test out an MMO Beta. Entering his home, Adam's mother and father left behind a note on the shoe-boxes. They were going to be out for a while, and his sister was with some friends in the Inner City. Shrugging his shoulders, Adam removed his shoes, placed them in his box and headed towards his upstairs room.*

"Guess I have the entire place to myself, heh."

*He said with his casual smirk. Making it to his room, Adam walked on through the door, went over to his PC, and turned the thing on. Recently, he upgraded for use with LEO. Odd, however, for he never entered his information to even receive the beta key, but he nonetheless did. The young man had also received the body suit and helmet in order to play the game.*

"I gotta wear this thing? Looks a little ridiculous for a game, but I guess they'll make some sort of adjustments once this beta comes through."

*After putting everything on, going to the site, then logging on, Adam was ready for his adventure into LEO. He went through the character creation rather quickly. Different from most MMO's, the character creation was expansive, yet it easily catered to a person's unique taste due to how detailed you can make your character. From past MMOs, Adam already knew what sort of look he wanted for his character.*

"A Beastkin Monkey... Sounds like me, haha. Let's get this show started then!"

*After confirming everything he'd press Enter to being his journey into the world of, LEO.*
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Aliyah Rozalyn
Aliyah Rozalyn

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What is this "LEO"? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is this "LEO"?   What is this "LEO"? EmptyThu Nov 28, 2013 3:47 am




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What is this "LEO"?
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