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 So This is "LEO"

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Adam Wukong

Adam Wukong

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So This is "LEO" Empty
PostSubject: So This is "LEO"   So This is "LEO" EmptyFri Nov 29, 2013 8:11 pm

*The doors which Sun Wukong had entered from, led him to a glorious kingdom like area. No. It WAS a kingdom. By winking his right eye like how Kazami-sensei advised him earlier to do, Wukong was able to access a bit of the options available to him. Through this, he was able to find out that the area he was in was the Kingdom of Raizen, with his exact location being one of the Crystal Will Fountains.*

"Damn... This place is gigantic!"

*He absolutely marveled at the sight before him. The large Gricidea Tree stood high and proud, watching over the legendary kingdom, along with the heroes who liberated the land long ago. Even if it were just a game, Sun found himself brimming with pride. Being able to stand in this seemingly realistic city and interact with the environment in such a realistic way brought a big smile to his face.*

"I can seriously live here... I could, but..."

*But he wouldn't. When thinking right down to it, Wukong needed to keep both of his sides balanced. The side that works in real life, goes to school whenever he can and practices his martial arts, between the monkey with some pretty decent skills as a beginning fighter. He didn't feel disappointed one bit when coming to this conclusion, only because he knows he can come back to LEO at anytime. A smirk took his face once more and he decided to explore the city.*

"But first..."

*He had to accept both of the quests that were available at the moment. He had to kill 3 Warhogs and attain some Beeswax. Both of these could be turned in at the Guild, so that'll be interesting beginning place to get to soon. Though, remembering how much of a toughy a Warhog can be when against blunt weapons, Wukong wondered if trying to take on a group of them alone would be a good idea... He needed someone else in the beta to party up with him. Scratching his chin a little, he closed his menu by winking and started off to the area around the guild. More than likely, people just playing this overwhelming game would group up for the quests or what have you.*
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Adam Wukong

Adam Wukong

Posts : 54
Join date : 2013-11-27

So This is "LEO" Empty
PostSubject: Re: So This is "LEO"   So This is "LEO" EmptyFri Nov 29, 2013 8:52 pm

*Right before the young man could actually get a move on, his quest list updated. It was from Kazami-sensei, the queen of teases. Anyways, besides a little minor heartbreak and bad memories, Wukong understood that he nearly left without establishing a respawn point. That could have been real bad if he were to get killed in the middle of a dungeon or something and have himself just lie there... Forever...*


*Sun yelled out, gripping his hair with a sudden discomfort. Taking a deep breath to get back into character (haha), Sun winked to open up the main menu. He had the one active quest that was just notified and went through the instructions that the quest wanted him to do. Since the menu was already open, all he had to do was select "Register as Home Base" and voila. Just like that Wukong's respawn point was set. Now, it was off to the Guildhall and on to some business!*
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Adam Wukong

Adam Wukong

Posts : 54
Join date : 2013-11-27

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PostSubject: Re: So This is "LEO"   So This is "LEO" EmptyFri Nov 29, 2013 9:24 pm

*Sun found himself running at a quickened pace, using the map to find that Guildhall overlooked the Gricidea Seed Square. There were a few shops there, but of course starting off Wukong wouldn't have enough money to get a weapon or anything like that yet. For now, he'd just focus on getting to Guildhall.*

"I wonder..."

*A devious smirk ran across his lips. Sun Wukong isn't all that MMO savvy, but he did know that every MMO had some interaction limitation when it came to jumping onto the environment. Sometimes, buildings had that annoying slanted invisible wall whenever you'd try to jump onto a rooftop. Most of the time, the buildings weren't even able to be ran into, there'd be a thin wall of invisibility blocking the clipping animation.

He wanted to try to see if he could free run in this game. Spotting a nice little set up with some boxes stacked in a sequential order against a building, Sun increased his speed. When approaching the boxes, he took a good leap, planted one foot on a box, then kicked off to plant the other on the next box. He did this a few more times before putting both feet on the last box, taking an even bigger leap, then reaching for the ledge with both hands. Much to his surprise, he caught on and even pulled himself up onto the roof of the building.*

"No... Way... Are you kidding me!? This game is perfect!"

*He'd announce at the top of his artificial lungs. He was breathing heavily, despite the fact that building he was on wasn't even the tallest. Sun looked a little goofy in fact, but he didn't care. Wukong sprinted and started to free run on the roofs of buildings, climbing higher and higher, until he could reach the entrance to Guildhall, in a very dramatic manner.*
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So This is "LEO" Empty
PostSubject: Re: So This is "LEO"   So This is "LEO" Empty

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So This is "LEO"
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