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February 2019

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 So Much For Home.

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Rhys Crawford

Rhys Crawford

Posts : 73
Join date : 2013-11-28

PostSubject: So Much For Home.   Sat Nov 30, 2013 11:04 am

After closing the shop and walking some blocks down the road Viso finally reach to his home. That is if you could call it his own home to be precise. He lives in a two room apartment complex with a roommate to split the rent and utility bills around since he didn't want to stay in his parents house for another minute. He goes through the first gate that blocks the entrance of the apartment, then through the doorway to climb up the stairs until he hits the second floor, and finally to the door to his apartment. He juggles through the keys of his workplace and his home to see which one was the door key. Unfortunately, most of them look pretty similar to the house key which made him grumble with disgust because of this issue.

He finds the right key and unlocks the door, opening it up to enter the apartment only to be greeted by an empty setting.
The place was furnished with hand-me-down items Viso and his roommate bought. His side was mainly furnished with his very little remains of his old room from his parents house while the roommate was artistic and vivid. That side made him queasy and lackluster because the education difference is really wide between the two. One side is focused with the social life and network connections for success while the other just wants to live a simple life without any complicated factors. Viso walks into his room and place the duffle bag on the floor, heading straight to his bed to slumber from work for a few hours.
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Rhys Crawford

Rhys Crawford

Posts : 73
Join date : 2013-11-28

PostSubject: Re: So Much For Home.   Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:17 am

=== Three Hours Later ===

Viso wakes up in his dark room. The lights wasn't on so he gets up on his own two feet and flip the switch to light up the room. The furniture and decoration in his room wasn't anything to be hyped up about. Just a few video and anime game posters on the wall. There was a 32" flat screen TV with three modded game consoles sitting underneath it since he doesn't pay for them despite working at a game store as a manager. There was some fold-up chairs for any guest, if possible, comes around to visit on the side right next to the beanie bag chair on one of the corners. The bed is a queen size bed right next to the window with blue cover sheets. On the other corner is his workstation desk. A "L" shaped workstation that rest his gaming PC on one end while his classwork reside on the other side. All in all, just your typical room of a college student.

He looks over at the clock and sees that the time is now 8:30 PM. He goes into the kitchen and grabs himself about three bottled waters before residing back into his room and sat them on the workstation. Pulling up the chair and sitting his rear end on it. He starts up the computer system and waits for the boot time to finish and show the OS Desktop. The desktop was just one of his video game wallpapers that he gotten for free from a promo code. Viso was just about to start up his online homework program for class tomorrow, but the duffel bag catch his attention. Surely, education should be a higher priority, but you know what they say: "All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy". Instead, he went over to the duffel bag and takes out the LEO Deluxe Set.

"Might as well give it a try before I go back to dull Viso mode."

He takes out the necessary equipment and accessories from the box and begins to equip them via instruction booklet. The appeal of the plug suit did make him feel like one of the Gundam pilots, but the color could have been better for a deluxe package. Whatever the case, he had to deal with it. After the hassle was over, he read the last part and lied down on the beanie bag instead of the bed. Laid down on that any longer and he would have terrible bed sores. Once initiated, he followed up with the character creation and chose the necessary gear, stats, and attire that fits his interest. Now that is left is to see what LEO has to offer.
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Aliyah Rozalyn
Aliyah Rozalyn

Posts : 91
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PostSubject: Re: So Much For Home.   Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:24 am



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Rhys Crawford

Rhys Crawford

Posts : 73
Join date : 2013-11-28

PostSubject: Re: So Much For Home.   Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:09 pm

========== Time Skip ==========

Viso awakes back into his own body from logging out of Lux Eterna Online, gasping for a quick second to grasp his body functions into optimal state once more. He removes the helmet off of his head and breathes deeply from the experience of the entire game itself. Body feeling numb for the time being until allowed to get up on his own two feet from the beanbag chair. He takes several stretching positions to get the blood pumping through his body and the skeletal system in its usual habitat. Out of the blue, something triggers in his mind that made him remember the antics of what LEO taught him. It was the fact of the guilt trip upon killing the harpies only to find out that they get revived as well. The reality was a bitch, but the logic was more of a twist to how real life logic works except for the extended chances. This caused him to let out a light giggle, then another, and another until he burst out laughing. Such logic similar to any MMO should have caught his attention not to worry about. However, LEO greatly twist that logic into a whole new level. He stops laughing and kept a smile on his face.

"That was a wild ride for today. I should get something to quench my appetite."

He left out of the room and head to the kitchen, pulling out some ingredients to make three sandwiches and some fries due to being fatigued out in real life. He'd then notice the vase of his roommates and stared at it for a good ten seconds. The moments came splashing through like a tsunami rushing down on an unfortunate city. The guilt trip, logic, and Gokoho branded in his mind greatly until he flushed them out. He walks over to the vase and grabs it, opens up a window and glares at it with a smile. The smile instantly turned into a furious face made out of rage and absolute piss off anger. He winds up his fist while yelling out three words loudly on each part to unleash his anger.



He yells out at the third time while throwing out the vase with no sole purpose if anyone gets hit by it.


The vase is going at a rapid rate out of the window across two homes, crashing through someone else home window and breaking both the object and the glass. His eyes widen from what he'd just did and quickly shut the window down, hoping that no one saw him throwing the vase or yelling out vile graphics.
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Rhys Crawford

Rhys Crawford

Posts : 73
Join date : 2013-11-28

PostSubject: Re: So Much For Home.   Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:43 pm

After the rampage that he had during the moment, he consumed his sandwiches and fries after making them. Viso's stomach is fully sated and full with food. The time was quite later than expected for one game and feast. Plus, the fact that he has some homework to take care off for his morning classes in college tomorrow gave him the procrastination to finish up as quickly as possible. A few hours has passed and it was already 1 AM. Viso's body kept punching him internally to sleep. He goes over to his bed and covers himself up, slumbering into the dream world to wake up for another day.
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Rhys Crawford

Rhys Crawford

Posts : 73
Join date : 2013-11-28

PostSubject: Re: So Much For Home.   Sat Dec 14, 2013 12:49 am

========= Day 2: Morning =========

The sun creaks upward to emit its light of glory down upon the world of Elestia, waking up plenty of people to get started on their daily lives of work, school, and the likes. Viso, like many college students, didn't want to get up for class and wish to stay in his bed. The alarm clock blurs out loudly with a screeching alarm sound to wake even the most cranky and tired person from their slumber. His eyes open with a sound effect of glass breaking and looks at the alarm, slamming it with his fist to silence it once and for all. Until he has to wake up for class or work once more. The young college student gets out of his bed yawning loudly, hair tangled around while a bit of his sleep gear slip off of him. Reveals a bit of his lower half along with the crack of his rear, but not too much to expose the full appeal. It is 7:30 am and his class begins at around 8:45.

Viso leave out of his room and head straight to the restroom, preparing the shower and setting up his MP3 player on the boombox speaker to have full surround sound as he shower. The song plays "U Know What's Up" by Donell Jones featuring Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez. He sung along the lyrics while washing his upper and lower body with much detail and length, making sure that every nook and cranny is spot-on clean. Shampoos and conditions his hair fully to get that smooth, sleek, and clean feeling.

♪ ♫ I'm digging you, I'm feeling you 
And you know what's up 
Said I'm big on you and I'm wanting you 
So tell me what's up ♪ ♫

Viso kept the music playing as it switches over to another song randomly. This time the song playing is Fire Hive by Knife Party. The high bass in this dubstep song did shake some of the items around the house due to the speakers bass turned up high itself. He bob his head to the beat while leaving out of the shower smelling fresh and personal hygiene optimized. Only wearing a towel into his room as he switches over to his attire for the next two days. Barely anyone cared about fashion in college unless you're in that anxiety group who crave fashion and judge people by their attire. They can go fuck themselves for all Viso care. He notices the time and it was 8:15. He heads over to the kitchen fridge and grabbed the lunch box that he made last night and toss it in his backpack, leaving out with his MP3 player blasting Fire Hive a bit longer since he replayed it. Time to get the class shift over with.

Visual image for attire (Without the hand of course xD):

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Rhys Crawford

Rhys Crawford

Posts : 73
Join date : 2013-11-28

PostSubject: Re: So Much For Home.   Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:12 am

============== Time Skip (Night) ===============

Viso returns home at 10:00 PM with his backpack and gear. Upon opening the door, he notice that his roommate, Mina, was inside the building for once and not partying with the rich kids similar to herself. She was eating a 'Drunken Tiger' sushi roll with a side of steak and a Caesar Salad. How the hell can she afford any of that? Oh wait, don't answer that Viso. She's basically the rich to his poor on the apartment and she's just living with him just to experience how an average man goes through life. He just close the door and smiles lightly at her. 

Visual Image for Mina

"Hey, Mina. You're actually in the building sated for once."

Her eyes shifted towards him for a brief second before blinking back to her food, swallowing the consumption she was breaking down before speaking to her. She always does the proper and elegant act around him while being snobby with it.

"In case you're wondering, Visontas. I'm just here only for the night because the masquerade party was cancelled due to the servicemen ruining the festival. The music was loud and obnoxious towards my taste."

Viso just rolled his eyes from hearing her response. It sounded like a high maintenance prostitute demanding herself to be pleasured by the customer more than the customer offering payment for her service. He chuckled and responded back at her in his own high class attire to mock her playfully.

"That is because the party you've went to was a exhilarating party which only plays modern Hip-Hop music and demanded everyone to "Turn it up" when the situation extended to the highest caliber."

He then went back to his normal voice.

"Or in the average man "Urban" terms, You went to a hyped up club where everyone gonna grind the shit out of you hoping to tap that ass."

Mina looks at him with a pissed off aggression at him for mocking her own vocabulary. Granted, she did go to a club similar to that with her cool friends, but it wasn't exactly what she calls fun. She throws a fork at him, speaking into his own language.

"Go fuck yourself with a cactus, you jerk!"

Viso ducked from the fork brigade, almost getting a javelin fork in the eye. He just peeks up from behind the table with a grin on his face.

"Too soon for ya? Apology accepted."

She then chase after him before he quickly ran off into his room, knowing that insulting her was very simple and satisfying. He slides into his room and slams the door right in front of her, locking it as she bangs on it loudly.

"So close, yet so far."

"Open this door this instant!"

"I'm sorry. My room isn't qualified for your taste to be seen."

"Why do I even put up with your bullshit?"

"Because we love each other and wish to have a nice fuck?"

"Ha ha ha! My sides left to the universe from that joke!"

Mina walked away from the door and went into the living room, turning on the TV to watch some of her late night Korean soap operas. Viso sighs in relief while sliding down from the door. Hell hath no fury over a lady's wrath. Plus, the pent up accumulation inside of him was just raging to be released. Last time he tried to ask her out, she just laughed and splashed water at him. Plus, the fact that she does sometime bring her boyfriend to engage in wild sexual encounters didn't even help out at all. Oh well, another day as usual. He looks over to his LEO gear and setup for another adventure as Rhys. Luckily, he had no homework or projects due this week since they're due two weeks after the announcement. After everything is set, he relaxes on his beanbag chair and begins the login sequence for Lux Eterna Online.
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PostSubject: Re: So Much For Home.   

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So Much For Home.
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