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Rai Retsaki

Rai Retsaki

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PostSubject: Lionheart~Retsaki   Lionheart~Retsaki EmptyThu Dec 05, 2013 8:10 pm

Current Time: Day 2, Day


Name: Olivia Lionheart
Age: 25
Height: 5'10
Occupation: Zenori High School Teacher
Money: $50 /$600 Weekly

Personality: Olivia often holds up a calm demeanor being one of such a peaceful and understanding nature. It is one that she has grown quite accustom to since childhood along with those around her. Though do not let her philosophical charm fool you as she is quite competitive, becoming highly aggressive and rather crude towards others. It's as if she's an entirely different person when this happens which is why she tends to avoid competing and the like.



User Name: Rai Retsaki (Raizen)
Lv. 3 Exp: 130/270
Rank: Beginner
Age: 25
Height: 5'10
Race: Beastkin (Neko)
Racial Ability: Precision Scratch- Critical Range extended by 70% when attacking with slashing weapons.

Stat Points Remaining: 0

HP: 50
ATK: 27 (+3)
DEF: 17
MAG: 7
MAG.D: 13

Weapon Equipped: Dagger (Slash/Pierce)/ DMG:+1, Crit x3
Armor Equipped: Cloth-DEF+1
Accessory 1: Teardrop Choker/ ATK:+2, DEF:-1
Accessory 2: Locked
Accessory 3: Locked


Bright Burst: Light Magic/DMG:+8, Blind (10%)
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