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February 2019

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 Need Work Done? No Problem!

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Rai Retsaki

Rai Retsaki

Posts : 78
Join date : 2013-12-02

PostSubject: Need Work Done? No Problem!   Mon Dec 09, 2013 8:51 pm

It was amazing how much work had been put into this game by the attention to detail alone as Rai passed through Gricidea Seed Square. Truly incredible how a world such as this could be created in the world she live in. It just made her more dedicated to taking in the experience as a whole to the best of her abilities. Now, since there was much more she needed to learn about LEO, she figured it could be found in the menu and read while on her way to the Guildhall.

It was a nice little walk. One that Rai hadn't thought too much on due to her diligent studying of the basics of LEO and her equipment/capabilities. It was such an interesting read. So much, in fact, that she hadn't even realized she had made her way all the way to the doors of the Guildhall until she bumped right up against them.

"Ouch!" She spoke while rubbing here head. "Maybe I should have been watching where I was going... Wait a minute... I felt that! I actually felt it! Now this game is truly something to marvel at."

A chuckle followed while pushing open the entrance to the Crystal Seed Guildhall only to find yet another beautiful sight to see behind them. She had half a mind to purely explore the world and nothing more. An interesting idea, but she wanted the full experience and figured both questing and exploring were surely possible. Now, where was that quest board?
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Rai Retsaki

Rai Retsaki

Posts : 78
Join date : 2013-12-02

PostSubject: Re: Need Work Done? No Problem!   Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:50 am

It was no use... She tried keeping her mind on other things like helpful information about LEO or even real life events, but the thought of losing branded itself deep within Rai's mind. Her body language told it all as she walked uptown and to the Guildhall never once taking a moment to enjoy the fine scenery. No, instead she would grow increasingly agitated, eventually spilling out a few sentences along the way.

"Who do those punk little baby lizards think they are anyway? I'll teach them who to mess with alright..."

She approached the Crystal Seed Guildhall with rage in her eyes, barely restrained by the lock of willpower she kept it behind. Hell, it was hard enough turning in the quests with a broken smile. Nevertheless, she would get it done and be on her way with the sweet death of those scaley little bastards in mind.

Quote :
(Complete) Optional Quest: Get Your Feet Wet

Objective: Slay 3 Warhog(s)


From: Guildmaster Sylar

Details: If you want to be an adventurer, you need to know how to fight. Get out there and slay 3 Warhog's. If you get injured come back here and rest a bit.

Reward: 25 exp, 50 GP, Healing Seed x2

Quote :
(Complete)Optional Quest: None of your-

Objective: Bring me 1 Beeswax


From: Gokoho, Alchemist

Details: Bring me a jar of beeswax post haste. What do I need it for? That's none of your beeswax! You can find some on the trees just West of the city in the Silvergrass Plateau. Please leave it with the Guild, thank you very much.

Reward: 10 exp, 25 gp, beeswax x1

Gold: 190GP=>265GP
Healing Seed x3=>x5
Lv. 2 Exp: 85/130=>120/130
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Need Work Done? No Problem!
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