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January 2019

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 Entering the New World

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Noctis Kusanagi

Noctis Kusanagi

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PostSubject: Entering the New World   Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:27 pm

Gin's body materialized in front of a fountain at the foot of a large Castle. He took note that it was the Kingdom of Raizen from the story and far above him, looming over miles was the Gricidea Tree. Most of the sky was covered by its leaves and branches, yet the blue sky still made it through in large patches to shine sunlight upon them.

"They went all out with this. It's so real."

A notification popped up and alerted him that he needed to set a respawn point. Since he was already in front of a fountain he decided to just do it there.

"Alright, now that that's settled, let's get to questing." He called before opening his map and searching for the Guild Hall. Once found, he'd immediately kick forward and dash towards the center of the kingdom. 'Hell yeah, I can get used to this!'
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Entering the New World
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