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January 2019

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 Naoki's Quest Log

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Naoki Aoi

Naoki Aoi

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PostSubject: Naoki's Quest Log   Sun Aug 30, 2015 7:20 pm

Currently Active Quests: 2

Completed Quests: 0

Quote :
Main Quest: Homebase

Objective: Establish your Home Respawn Point


From: Mizuho Kazami-sensei

Details: Open your menu next to one of the Crystal Will Fountains and register it as your home base so you can respawn there every time you are defeated in battle, or wish to teleport out of a dungeon.

Reward: 5 exp, Healing Seed x1

Quote :
(PENDING)Main Quest: The Roots of Gricidea

Objective: Explore the Silver Root Indentation


From: High Knight Squall

Details: There have been rumors that there is a passage within the Silver Root Indentation that leads right under Raizen Castle. Though no one has found this to be true yet, we cannot take chances. Explore the Silver Root Indentation and find out if this passage is real. Report back to Guildmaster Sylar if you find anything.

Reward: 50 exp, Knight Crested Bangle or Knight Crested Necklace
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Naoki's Quest Log
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