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 Your Inventory

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Your Inventory Empty
PostSubject: Your Inventory   Your Inventory EmptyThu Nov 28, 2013 1:42 am

Even more simple, the inventory is split into several categories. As simple as follows.

Money: 150 GP (Everyone starts with 150 GP)

Items (Everyone starts with these basic Items)
Healing Seed x3 (Heals 10 HP)
Bandages x1 (Stops Bleeding)
Antidote Leaf x2 (Heals Poison/Toxin)
Relaxer x1 (Heals Paralysis)

Equipment (Your Equipment will be different, depending on what you chose.)
+Dagger x1 (Slash/Pierce)/ DMG:+1, Crit x3)
+Cloth Armor x1 (Cloth/ DEF:+1)
+Teardrop Necklace x1 (MAG:+2, MAG.D:-1)

(A + sign next to an item indicates that the item is currently equipped.)

Materials/Misc (Misc items, usually those used in crafting other items or potions)
Bees Wax x1
Dragonfly Wings x4

Quest Items (Items meant for quest and that are non-usable)
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Your Inventory
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